“Time-Served” In The Lifestyle Matters Less Than You Might Think

“Time-Served” In The Lifestyle Matters Less Than You Might Think

Because we all know someone who’s been “in the scene” for 20 years and claims to have 20 years of experience, but they really have one year repeated 20 times.

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Boundaries are sexy AF: Emotional Boundaries

Welcome to installment number four in my series about boundaries. The six primary types of boundaries are: Physical Boundaries Intellectual Boundaries Emotional Boundaries Sexual Boundaries

Happy International Women’s Day

Here at Dating Kinky, we believe in celebrating and lifting women. We are a woman-owned business, and focus on centering diversity in everything we do.

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How Will I Know?

How Will I Know?

No, don’t “Just trust your feelings,” that’s a most excellent way to fuck everything up. But it’s a catchy tune, for sure. On yesterday’s writing,

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