Why Do We Smile At Them?

Why Do We Smile At Them?

There’s this person that no one in the community (that I’ve so far been able to prove) likes, or at least for long.

They use words like, “douchey,” “sleazy,” “creepy,” “pushy,” and more.

Then, at a party, they hug this person, smile at this person, talk to this person…


We all know people like this.

Why do we smile at them?

Is it so horrible a crime to not like someone? To avoid them? To walk away when they come towards us?

Actually, I think the crime is in being polite.

Because in being polite, we make a public statement that we are OK with this person, even when we VERY MUCH ARE NOT.

Others who may feel icky about these people now feel like maybe they are the only one, and learn how not to trust their gut.

Why do we give these people space in our lives, if we feel uncomfortable around them?

Is it to save ourselves the discomfort of someone we don’t like disliking us in return?

Why do we give them the sheen of social proof?

Is to avoid ‘causing a scene?’

Why do we invite them?

Is it because we don’t want to be unfair?

Why do we smile at them…

…when what we really want to do is quickly find a place to wash our hands?

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