Writing Prompt: Your Current Roles/Labels

Writing Prompt: Your Current Roles/Labels

Labels And Roles

On FetLife, of all the labels to choose from, I am a kinkster. On my kinky dating sites, I am a dominant. I also identify as bisexual in some places and heteroflexible in others. I am a switch in activities and sexuality, but never in my relationships. I also identify as epicurean, insatiably curious, poly, feminine, bossy, cuckoldress, experience whore, ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’, silly, geeky, lazy, ambivert, tea lover, and more.

More than anything, I identify as Nookie, which is both my long-time nickname and my role.

My given name is Heather, but few people use that regularly.

There were a lot of Heathers growing up. Once, I was in a class with three others… I’ve only known the one Nookie. Me.

But my roles and labels are also important to me. I add to them, remove them, classify and dissect them as I move through life.

As many of us do.

The Prompt

What about your current choice or roles/labels call you above all others?

How do you connect with who you are through words, and how do you connect others to you through your words?

Why these and not that?

What about your self labels sing to you? Feel right sliding off the tongue?

Feel free to write in the comments or in your own journal and link here (so others can read it), or just think on it or write on it and keep it to yourself, if you prefer.

Write a sentence. Or a paragraph. Or an essay. Or whatever this is to you. Talk it out. Make it yours.

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