A Sixth Love Language?

A Sixth Love Language?

I’ve mentioned the 5 Love Languages in many of my classes and even more of my private discussions.

It’s a great framework for understanding how others accept love in ways that may be different than your own (especially good for behavior modification and communication!).

And yet, about a year ago, I read something that has made me think long and hard over the possibility of a love language that hasn’t really been discussed much.


Consider if this rings true for your experience: some people express their affection in the form of joking, teasing, games and silliness. This is something found not only in my romantic relationships, but also is usually part of the dynamic in the family of origin.

And a great sense of humor (to me), is a big asset in partner selection, and does not specifically fit within the other five love languages.

What do you think, FetLife hive mind?

Would you consider Play a useful sixth love language? Not that we have any right to change the originals, but that it might help in understanding others even better to add such a thing in our internal discussions.

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