“No One Has Ever Loved My Pervy Mind Like You Do.”

“No One Has Ever Loved My Pervy Mind Like You Do.”

“No one has ever loved my pervy mind like you do.”

It’s because I love you, and that is part of you.

Do you go overboard, sometimes? Sure, you do. We all do. But if I love you, I love all of you, including your flaws and imperfections.

Even when I’m cranking about them.

Even when I hurt from them.

Because they are you.

I love you when you’re being stubborn. That’s part of why I fell for you, you know. After all, you have to be a match for me.

I also love when you are yielding. It’s so sexy when you say, “Yes,” especially when I ask the most delicious, wicked things of you.

I love you when you have eyes only for me. I enjoy the power of being your whole world.

I love you when you flirt (and more) with people that you find attractive, and when they find you attractive. I adore owning someone who is so very charismatic and desirable and full of sexual energy.

I love you when you are HERE with me, in the moment, and the world doesn’t seem to exist outside of US.

I love you when you get that faraway look in your eyes, and you’re not here anymore, but trying to solve work problems that weigh on you, because you are committed.

To me, love is a whole-person feeling. Not a pieces-parts thing.

I love all of you.

Especially your pervy mind. grins

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