It can’t be all…

It can’t be all…

A core of any good relationship, kinky or otherwise, is support and encouragement.

Most people in power exchange relationships intuitively understand that this it’s important for the dominant to support and encourage their sub.

And it is.

I also present to you that regardless of the dynamic, most humans appreciate support and encouragement from their partner.

As a dominant, I absolutely love it, and I don’t feel that it affects my power dynamic one bit to say so.

Because outside of a power dynamic, we are people first. And all people have rough days, times of doubt, and sometimes we all fail. Knowing that the person(s) we love most in the world have our back is an amazing thing.

So, don’t forget to share with someone that could a little cheering on. Or tag them. Give them a reason to smile.

And hey, an offer of sexy times is rarely a bad idea. smiles

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