Remember the feeling when I met you…

Remember the feeling when I met you…

For some people in my life, it takes a while for them to really become a fixture.

Like, they grow into my life, and I realize that they’ve been around for a while, and they suddenly become significant.

Others, though, the moment we meet is etched indelibly in my mind.

Just something about the connection AT THAT MOMENT will always be there. Sometimes because it’s good. Sometimes, well, it’s not so.

With my partner, the entire event that we both attended and met at the first time revolves in my mind around him. Not because I spent the whole thing with him, but because that is the most significant part of the evening.

I remember that he was funny and cute, and that I dismissed him as “not my type,” until later in the night as he was leaving, and he hugged me.

Then, suddenly, everything he had done that entire night was brought into hyper focus and he intrigued me.

Just like that.

And after 7 years, I still love when he tells the story from his perspective.

Is it a sign that we were meant to be?


I don’t think so.

Just a sign that we had chemistry that stuck with us, and kept bringing us together, despite that we lived two hours apart.

And it’s an amazing memory.

Do you have a story of meeting someone that you’ll never forget that you’re willing to share?

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