No One Will Love Me For Who I Am

No One Will Love Me For Who I Am

No One Will Love Me For Who I Am


The truth is no one will love you for who you’re not.

Which is why I say so often to be your authentic self.

I also say: Just Be Yourself AND Be More Than That

The challenge is, though, who is yourself?

Ourselves are really just a core of human potential wrapped in a compilation of beliefs and habits created mostly without conscious intention over the years of our lives.

And those beliefs and habits often become a tiny little cage with no room for growth or movement in which we lock ourselves and throw away the key, which is really sad and totally unnecessary.

Especially when that cage is a miserable, smelly, lonely place to be.

Or when yourself’s core beliefs and habits are in direct opposition of what you want and need from life, and often who you want to BE.

But are those beliefs WHO YOU ARE? Or just a collection of beliefs that you choose to keep (or sometimes don’t CHOOSE, but hold tightly, anyway)?

I believe the second.

Are you really a different person today than you were yesterday because you had coffee with a new potential date? Or are you the same person, but with a new interest in your life and new thoughts about the possibilities running through your head?

I believe the second.

Are you a different person because you chose to start running last year? Or are you the same person, with a healthier habit now attached?

I believe the second.

So, when you say, “No one will love me for who I am,” I think you are dead wrong.

However, it’s entirely possible you’re spot-on when you say, “No one will love me for the way I act now.”

Image by sianbuckler from Pixabay

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