Having It My Way: CFNM Edition

Having It My Way: CFNM Edition

This morning, on another site, I received a first message from someone that simply said:

“Do you believe in CFNM ?”

No proper introduction. No pleasantries. Just a question about whether or not I would fit the image of a role this person has created in their head, regardless of who I am as a real person.

My immediate reaction was to say, “Yes, I know it exists,” and leave it at that.

But perhaps I’m feeling somewhat mellow today. Instead, I responded with a bit more detail.

“I believe it exists. I enjoy it sometimes. I also enjoy lounging around naked while my Pet has to stay clothed, instead of getting comfortable.

So, if that a fetish thing with you, I’ll say, “No.”

Because I do what I want when I want it. And it’s not always going to be that.

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