I believe that the more I put into life (and kink), the more I get.

I believe that the more I put into life (and kink), the more I get.

Some people say that you get out of life what you put in. I don’t believe that. Some people have WAY more advantages than others.

Everyone starts somewhere, though, and I believe that when I put more out there, I get more in return.

Sometimes, I gotta shift where I’m putting things, though! LOL!

Also, it’s rarely one-to-one. Some things I lose (big) in time and effort. Some I win big.

And sometimes, what I get back is not always easily measurable.

I’ve been writing a blog on FetLife for over a decade, for example. At the time I’m typing this, there are 1,216 entries.

Sometimes, it felt like I was flinging thoughts into the void.

More often, though, it connects me with people and thoughts and ideas I never would have come into contact with. Even as I give back through trying to share good knowledge and awareness and kinky things to help my community (and others) grow.

Making others’ kinky lives easier, better, happier, more loving brings me joy. In whatever manner I can, but especially through connection and education.

For 8 years, I also did rescue and rehab at a local shelter. It’s satisfying to help turn doggy lives around.

I’ve always liked to have some time that’s focused on giving in my life.

And I’ve always felt that in some way, it’s given back to me—either through learning (STOP giving so much there or to that person/cause) or through benefits to me.

What are your thoughts?

Do you “give back” in kink or otherwise? If so, what do you do, and what do you get out of it?

Also, do you know someone who gives back in kink that you’d like to lift? Tag them and share how they have helped you or others. Let’s do a bit of active giving ourselves today. 🙂

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