YOU’RE WRONG! Very, very wrong.

YOU’RE WRONG! Very, very wrong.

About something.

So am I.

We are ALL wrong about something, most of us about very many things, both big and small.

And that’s Ok. Humans are imperfect.

We can grow and change and get better.

We can also get worse.

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One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that the default of living a long time is gaining wisdom. It’s not.

It’s gaining EXPERIENCE.

And if those experiences are shitty, and you do negative thinking with them, and you learn craptaculous lessons, you’re not going to get wise.

You’re just going to get better at being awful.

Which is why learning how to be wrong comfortably is one of the most valuable skills you can learn.

Even to seek it out.

(It actually goes quite nicely with my theory that you should learn to get rejected, and to seek out opportunities for rejection as well, but I digress…)

It sounds a bit crazy, but I have my reasons. Learn how to say:

  • “I don’t know.”
  • “I didn’t know that.”
  • “That changes things.”
  • “You’ve made a great point, let me think about that.”
  • “I’m not so sure, may I ask you some questions?”
  • “Please, tell me how I’m wrong.”

Because you cannot change without accepting that you have been wrong.

Sure, you could argue that.

“I can change without being wrong. There just might be a better way.”

I’ll give you that. But you were wrong about your way being the best way.

And human nature is to choose what they think is the best way at any given time FOR YOU NOW. Not for you in 5 minutes, or when your partner finds out, or when you will have to suffer the consequences.

But the best way to change is to admit that you have been wrong.

And the best way to change your relationships with others, and to improve them is to admit you’ve been wrong.

As one common saying goes: “Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?”

I’m so often wrong that I’m deliriously happy, myself! 🤣

Here’s something else to think about…

If you’re not changing, you’re not growing. And if you’re not growing, you’re getting worse. Humans cannot exist in stasis.

What are your thoughts?

Let’s start with something that we recently realized we were wrong about.

Me: A person I’ve known for years, who I had very neatly boxed up into a specific idea in my head gently (and probably without even realizing it) corrected me this weekend. They pulled themselves out of that box and into new and different territory in my mind. I’m grateful for that correction, and for my ability to receive it and make the necessary changes to honor them as a human, and to keep them in my life in a new (and admittedly, far more interesting) capacity.

Is there anything you’ve been wrong about that needs a good airing out? No need to be specific or tag people (I didn’t even share gender, you see). Just air it out, and give yourself permission to grow from the experience.

Or, please, tell me how I’m wrong. smiles

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