Be willing to be awful at things.

Be willing to be awful at things.

I said in a writing recently, “I’ve thought about it, and I don’t think I’m built for that.”

Someone replied that they didn’t like the way it’s phrased, because it sounded like it meant that I was speaking of being built for less (than what I was referring to), even thought hey acknowledged that wasn’t how it was meant.

And I get that. FOR THEM.

For me, though, I’m OK with saying I’m not built for more, that I’m built for less or that I’m not as much at something (or as someone).

It might mean I am less.

And I am.

  • I am less beautiful than a super model.
  • I am less smart than an MD.
  • I am less of a culinary genius than Thomas Keller.
  • I am less skilled at kegels than a Thai stripper and her ping pong balls (THAT was pretty amazing…but I digress).
  • I am more beautiful to the people who love me than the average person (and there is more fo me to love than a super model, LOL!).
  • I am more thoughtful than most people.
  • I can cook well enough to care for myself, my loved ones, and to post some truly inspiring things to social media.
  • My kegels are quite strong, and have been accused of breaking fingers…

And so on.

ALL of us are less on some levels (and more in others). I am probably more less than most people, and I’m happy with that. I know my trade-offs, mostly.

I’m willing to admit it.

And I’m worth being loved.

There is an ad campaign I’ve seen recently. Don’t know who is putting it out there (which probably makes it a terrible campaign), but it has a great message:

Be willing to be bad at things, and do them anyway.

I’d say:

“Be willing to be awful at things. Be willing to suck at stuff. Acknowledge your faults. Fix what you can and what you want. Make up for some of it in other areas. Accept that all humans are flawed, especially you and the people you love. And enjoy being bad, sometimes. Revel in it and you lack of desire to be perfect. And love the other really awful-at-some-stuffs people in your life for all of their faults as much as their positives.”

I’d say it.

And I live by it.

What are your thoughts?

What are you really, truly abysmal at? Maybe something that embarrasses you, and makes you feel like you fail at human-ing?

( For me, for a long time, it was the empathy thing. I didn’t have it, and I felt like a shit human (even thought I din’t know it was missing and why I was shit at it). I still don’t have empathy, but I’ve grown other skill sets to help me connect with people. And I’m OK telling people what I’m missing.)

OR, what are you bad at that you can laugh about and enjoy being awful at in a rueful way?

(For me, singing is one. I’m terrible at it. But I’ll still do it at full volume in public and with joy.)

And do ANY of the things you are bad at REALLY make you less worthy of being loved?

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