On “Fighting” For My Sub…

On “Fighting” For My Sub…

A few years back, I wrote a piece, Trying To Steal My Sub, Cunt?, in which I wish said thief good luck in their efforts.

Several people responded that I maybe didn’t show my sub that I wanted them enough, because I refuse to fight for them, because I said, “And, frankly, if you do manage to steal them, I’ll thank you.”

One comment said this:

If they let me go without a fight, then I, too, am glad to be walking away.

There is a difference between fighting to keep a submissive through my actions TO THAT SUBMISSIVE, and fighting another dominant in any way.

I am very happy to say what I want, and do my best by my submissive.

THAT is my fight.


If a submissive would choose another dominant/lover/person over me, after all that we build together, then they are NOT the submissive for me.

Because I’m all in, and they are obviously not.

So, I’m 100% with my subs, and I encourage others to try to take them. And I laugh when they do. Because they are amazing people, and I love that others want them and they are mine.

As an example…

Pet and I were texting back and forth, and he said:

“So amazed and glad we trusted each other in cuckolding.”

I replied:

“I cannot say how much you have contributed to my life. And how I hope I do the same to/for you.”

He said:

“Oh you have MQ.” (MQ is short for My Queen, his chosen honorific for me.)

I replied:

“Good. That’s important to me.”

This is daily stuff. Not ONLY when I feel someone might take my toy. But every day I show my appreciation and love.

Like this: How Do I Say…?

If my love and dominance is on fleek, another dominant is no match.

If it’s not, my fight is not with another dominant.

It’s with myself, and my crappy behavior of NOT making every day with me better than ANY day without me.

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