My Perspective: Why Guys Should Not Be Required To Go Down On Girls

My Perspective: Why Guys Should Not Be Required To Go Down On Girls

This piece from was featured in this writing (FetLife Link), which I read in the wee hours today.

He’s funny. Or rather, many of his words are. I feel bad for him, though, that he had such a need to proclaim so much about something that is really his business and his alone.

You see, my view on this is simple:

Why Guys Should Not Be Required To Go Down On Girls:

Because they don’t want to.

It’s really that simple.

If you want it, even need it more complex, I can do that, too.

If you don’t like to eat pussy, don’t. You won’t get far with me, because I really like my cunt licked like it’s 190 degrees outside, and I’m the last fucking ice cream cone on earth.

But that’s my choice. Just like it’s your choice to not want it.

So, no worries. We won’t have sex. That’s easy.

You see, you get to offer sex to me because you want it from me. For whatever reason. You may like my looks, my devil-may-care-attitude, my super-hot ass, the amazing patterns cellulite makes on the backs of my thighs, or because you are seriously drunk, and you’re convinced I’m your last chance for the night (or ever, really). It matters not to me. You have a reason for offering me sex.

And I have my own reasons if I turn you down. I may not like your face, or your shoes, or the way you treat the waitress, or your views on marriage equality, or the fact that you don’t like Blazing Saddles.

Whatever my reasons to turn you down, they are just as valid as yours.

AND, if you offer me sex, and I say I like my sex with a vigorous carpet-munching, then you are free to turn me down.

It’s not entitlement. Anymore than it’s entitlement for you to prefer blondes to my sultry brunette hue.

So, it’s still simple.

Do what you want and enjoy in bed. Don’t do what you don’t want and don’t enjoy.

P.S. To be 100% clear, yes, I could “force” a sub to eat me, just because I’mma twoo dominate, but frankly, I would never take on a sub seriously that was not in heaven spending happy time between my thighs.

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