Sexperiments: Blindfolds

Sexperiments: Blindfolds

Having sex with a blindfold is not exactly vanilla, but it’s not what I’d call kinky, either. It’s a good comfort zone for many to dip their toes in and try something a bit different.

And there are good reasons to try blindfolds in bed.

Shutting down your sense of sight intensifies others senses. Without your eyes giving you clues about what’s coming next or what’s happening, you’ll be listening to every breath, every moan. You’ll be feeling even the brush of air against your skin and the taste and scent of your partner will come to the forefront. For many, these sense become so much more amplified when you’re wearing a blindfold.

When you can’t see, your insecurities and inhibitions can feel less important. The lights are still on? Putting a blindfold on can reduce your awareness of anything outside of your touches and interactions, including whether you think your tummy is flopping a bit, or you’re bulging in the wrong areas. And what’s great about relaxing and letting go is that it can increase the intensity of your orgasms.

It’s surprising. When you can’t see your partner’s next move, it can come as more of a surprise. Sensation like feathers, fuzzy gloves, or a warmed oil massage can be even more thrilling when you’re not sure what’s going on.

Blindfolds transfer some power. It’s power-exchange light, but it’s still power exchange. Whoever is sighted in a session with blindfolds has a greater power to offer pleasure and guide the play.

So, be sure that you have trust. Having a positive session with blindfolds can actually increase trust between partners and strengthen intimacy.

And pretty much everyone has something that can act as a blindfold for play: A scarf, a tie, a sleep mask…and even if you go out an buy one, it’s not an expensive toy to have around.

What do you love about blindfolds?

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