There’s a party in my pants…

There’s a party in my pants…

Aside from the humor and the badness of this pickup line, I created this for another reason:

This is EXACTLY how I read those messages I get private messages that say things like, “What would you do if you had me tied up?” Or “This slave greets you Goddess…”

Because really, those kinds of messages are not about me. They couldn’t be.

Not if they read my profile or bothered getting to know me.

It’s about the party in their pants, and for whatever reason, I’m invited as an afterthought.

And honestly, that’s not a great way to make a connection.

At least not with me.

And before you think I’m talking just about men, I’m not.

I’ve had these types of messages from all genders.

“I’ve never been with a woman, but I’m bi-curious, and I really like the idea of an older woman who can show me the best way to please her.”

“I have tits you can bind and a cock you can use to your delight.”

And more.

All humans have made the mistake of projecting onto another our own wants and needs. Perhaps not quite this egregiously, but we have all done it.

And you know what? We can all stop. Now. Or at least be aware, and do our best to change the way we think about other people on kinky and dating sites (or kinky dating sites!), and start interacting with them as humans FIRST, rather than as a potential fantasy fulfillment machine.

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