The GOLD Membership Scam

The GOLD Membership Scam

You know what I think is shitty? When a site lures you in, and tells you that 5 awesome kinksters want to talk with you, then tells you that you have to pay $39.95 for a month or $19.95 for three months to see what they have to say.


It’s not just shitty.

On one site I was given free “GOLD” Membership because I was one of their “most popular” people in my area.

They asked me to create an intro letter that would be sent to others in my area matching my criteria.

I thought “WOW! That’s awesome!” And did it.

Because who wouldn’t love to be introduced automatically to the people they are looking for?

Whomp, whomp…

Over the next year, I got messages from men every day who did not match my criteria at all, and who were (all of them) more than 200 miles from me!

And EVERY SINGLE ONE of them had paid to read my form letter and to write me back.

On false pretenses.

Because they thought I was interested and had written to them.

It hurt my heart.

And no matter how many times I wrote to that company (first because I thought there was an error, then increasingly angrily once I figured it out), they never once replied. I couldn’t (at the time) even get my account deleted.

For all I know, it’s still running that scam. With me.

Maybe not.

I haven’t been on there in a LONG time.

I think that was the first time I thought that I needed to do something better for everyone.

And I’m building that something better right now.

And it’s FREE.

Of course, we have a paid option. Otherwise, unless I won the lottery, I’d go broke simply running the servers and paying development costs.

But our PLUS Membership isn’t about gatekeeping your access to others.

You can message people for free on Dating Kinky.

PLUS Membership is about showing your support and getting awesome bennies in return.

And it’s only $9.99/month (and it will STAY $5 for everyone who signs up and keeps their membership active, even when we raise our prices).

And $9.99/month is a banging deal (if I do say so myself)!

  • 8 Books
  • 200+ webinar replays
  • Dating features (like audio and video chat!)
  • Support small, kinky, women-owned business
  • NEW! 24/7 PLUS Member social lounge (in testing right now)

This past year, we’ve seen some amazing growth, and we’re looking forward to more in the next.

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