“You have me. WHY would you want anyone else?”

I get this. It’s a monogamous way of thinking. AND it’s hard for some to break free from after years of indoctrination through societal pressures, role models, and our own insecurities.

It’s not a logical thought, though.

Let’s take the highly charged idea of relationships out of this, to explore the idea.

Do you like Italian? Like Chinese? Or Mexican?

So, pick one.

Pick one to have at EVERY meal, no matter what.

Eating out? Just the one.

Eating in? Just the one.

TV dinners? Just one.

But that’s not how you live your life.

You choose various meals to fulfill you, while probably having a favorite or series of favorites from over the years. And, I bet, sometimes, you look for ways to experience (GASP) more than one at a time.

Maybe a buffet?

You monster!

Or, no, not really. That’s acceptable, isn’t it?

Now, let’s talk about humans.

Kids. Got one.

Want another?


Who you gonna love better, huh?

You gonna put that first kid on pause, so you can love another? You gonna break up with them?

Which one is second class?

Is it the first, automatically, because second baby is new and shiny? Or is it the latecomer, who has to prove themselves the equal of the one who’s been around winning your heart for years?

Perhaps you can wait to answer that question to see which turns out to be the better human, overall.

And, for that matter, TWO parents?

Oh, FFS! You’re just greedy now.

And FOUR grandparents?

How can you live with yourself, you monster?!?

But at least you only have one friend, because you’re not some sort of sicko…




NOTE: Let me be clear. I’m not against monogamy. If you are quite satisfied with one romantic and sexual partner, that’s great. I’m not saying you should be any other way. I’m simply pointing out the flaws in certain thought that run through our heads as humans. Nothing more, nothing less.

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