The Most Amazing Non-Sex I’ve Ever Had

The Most Amazing Non-Sex I’ve Ever Had

A little over two years ago right before Christmas, I had an experience unlike any other I’ve ever had, and I’ve been one of the most enthusiastic explorers of the ThinkOff (hands-free mental orgasms) I can imagine.

For a long time, I kept this to myself, sharing it with only a select few, because, well, it’s a bit crazy.

In my mind, a lot crazy.

But, it happened.

And when I went looking for information, I couldn’t find anything that really described my experience, and that made me feel a bit crazy.

So, I’ve finally got up the guts to share, just in case there is someone else out there that goes through this, and needs confirmation that they are not alone.

*deep breath*

Ok. Here goes…

I was living in Wilmington at the time, and I had come to Raleigh for some time with friends and a party over the weekend, then planned to head to family for holiday Sunday.

On Friday, Pet and I had a picnic lunch, just chatting and enjoying ourselves. High sexual tension, but we were going to put off consummating until the next day, when we’d have time to do it right.

Later that day, we met after he got off work for a couple of drinks and a snack, before I was due to go spend the evening with some friends.

We spent the time talking about pretty deep issues (what are soulmates, is our connection unique—with him asserting it was and me demurring, and how lucky we were to have found each other a few months before), enjoying it as we do. It’s fun for us to delve into ideas and concepts related to what it is that we do together, share fantasies, and just generally examine ourselves together.

So, as he walked me back to my car, we were in a good mood, not very sexual, but deeply affectionate.

I offered to drive him back to his car, since he’d walked to meet me.

We both climbed into my car, and as he is wont to do, he took the opportunity once I was strapped in to climb over to kiss me.

But he didn’t kiss me. He hovered.

We’ve done some play with hovering our mouths just over one another, sharing breath and talking during sex, and it’s been incredibly hot. So this was not a huge departure, except that we weren’t really being sexy.

He hovered, and we breathed in each other for a moment, then he placed his right hand lightly on my bare chest, above my tank top, skin-to-skin.

I felt a wall of energy hitting me and holding me firmly still, in my seat. Not unlike I remember feeling when I touched an electric fence as a young teen. But not hurty. Just VERY charged. Very powerful, and I was unable (and unwilling) to disconnect.

My entire body was electrified, with his hand and mouth as my circuits. I could feel him inside me, with me, in my head and body. it was like we flowed together, into my body through his hand and into his body through our breaths, circling around and through each other.

Time stood still. I had no idea how long we were locked like that (later, I calculated it out, based on the time I had planned to leave in the car and when I did—it was 20 minutes, give or take).

It was orgasmic, without being sexual at all.

When he did slowly pull away, I felt a piece of him (his energy) was left behind inside me, and a keyhole (for lack of a better term) was left in my chest for him to access any time. I also felt a commensurate piece of myself went with him.

We didn’t even properly say goodbye. We just gazed at each other for a while, and he said in a bit of a dazed voice that he would enjoy the cool air walking back to his car.

We parted, and did not text for 15 minutes (incredibly unusual for us). And when we did, it went something like this:

Him: Wow.

Me: Yeah.

Him:: Really, Wow.

Me: Yeah.

Him: WTF?

Me: I don’t know. Was that on purpose?

**Him:**No. Wow.

Me: Yeah.

LOL! I felt like I’d just been hit by a Mack truck, and was super-charged up and at the same time, unable to form coherent thoughts.

I’d read about similar things in Tantra, so I knew they could theoretically exist, but never heard of it happening spontaneously like that, in that intensity, outside of some sort of fantasy novel, usually involving magic or the supernatural.

In Tantra, they’ve always said it can happen after a lot of practice, breathing exercises, and in certain positions. Not spontaneously. And I’ve never read about it being quite like this. They describe a warmth, a flow of energy/sunshine, NOT getting nailed to your car seat by lightening.

I felt a little crazy. Didn’t want to tell anyone for fear of being locked up. He felt the same, no idea who he could tell.

We ended up not having any sex that weekend, just exploring this connection and talking.

The follow-up to this is:

  • We can “activate” this when we choose.
  • It can be manipulated into amazing ThinkOff orgasms as well.
  • He feels much the same things I do (by description), and even actually ejaculated a small bit, after many mini shockwaves.
  • We can feel it when discussing it, and even feel each other at a distance (like from my parent’s place in Louisville).

I’ve done ThinkOff (hands-free mental orgasms). Many times. And they are effing amazing. They can wrack my body and drive me wild.

This is different in feeling. If the ThinkOffs are like a cattle prod, creating an immediate reaction, this is like those scene in the movies, when they plug in the cord to light the whole football stadium or concert arena.

I have spoken with a few friends. Only one has ever experienced anything exactly like it before, even the most world-savvy ones.

Several have expressed awe and how lucky I am. Several have said they would not want that with anyone, as it would be too much vulnerability for them.

I’m pretty damn amazed by it, and I’m glad I have gotten the chance to experience this in my life. It has connected us on an even deeper level than I could imagine.

Over the past two years, our connection has remained strong. I’ve not found much more than I did in the first google search I did about what this could possibly be, or where it might fit into various practices/religions or science.

I still feel a bit crazy, because, well, I’m a science girl, not a woo-woo, airy-fairy type. I can find no science to back this up, so, crazy.

On the other hand, there is no religious/cult crazy-pants stuff out there I can find exactly like this, either.

OK, so I may be crazy, anyway. My own brand of crazy. But I like it.

Fire away with any questions or comments. If you know anyone who’s had similar experiences, please do pass this along. I’d love to compare or just bond over this.

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