The video game scourge…

The video game scourge…

I was once in love with a gamer.

He was (is) an amazing man, don’t get me wrong. Just, as it turns out, not for me.

Because, when it comes right down to it, I could not handle the video games.

It’s like although we were monogamous (functionally, anyway), I was a sidepiece in our home.

If the VIDEO GAME was happening, I did not exist.

If I did somehow assert myself, I was brushed aside for the VIDEO GAME.

Reading this, it can sound borderline abusive.

It wasn’t.

I liken it to the absentminded professor type. If he was gaming, he was all in, and even if he MEANT well, he was not going to be able to drag his attention away for…well, whatever.

Food? It got cold.

Conversation? Later…usually MUCH later.

Outdoor activities? On my own.

Sex? Yeah, even that.

And even after years, I never understood someone who would consistently want to play a video game over having the best sex he had ever had (as he described it).

I understand that our libidos were probably VERY different.

And obviously, our priorities.

And I do know he loved me. I don’t doubt that.

However, I chose to go, and he still games.


Another note, because I don’t want you to think I’m knocking him. I’m not. And I’m also not a victim. I chose to stay when I did, and when I broke up with him, it wasn’t over video games, and I set no ultimatums.

I think this just illustrates that amazing people are sometimes not right for each other, and it could be something relatively innocuous that gets in the way.

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  1. I had to chuckle at this one. Why? Because I am a gamer, to a degree but not that big of one!
    I do watch some people that are and that is how they make their living. Some of them make a much better living than I have on Disability or heck even when I was working!
    I know two guys that stream 7 days a week, do tournaments and both are in the world rankings and they both make six figures a year!!!! For playing video games! Yes, playing extremely well and for long periods but still …

    Now some of the same things can be said for other things, TV, radio, phone and with the phone the internet then into a list of different websites and social media sites. Maybe those might not be as distracting as video games but I think the TV comes close! 🤔

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