The tongue has no bones…

The tongue has no bones…

…but it is strong enough to break a heart.

There are a lot of people online who say, “It’s just words. Words can’t hurt you if you don’t let them.”

To which I say, “Bullshit.”

That’s is crap psychology of the highest degree.

Words 100% can hurt, and they KNOW this, because they have been hurt by words themselves.

We all have.

But, usually the ones saying it are defending their own or someone else’s right to say horrible, shitty, hate-filled things.

And let me be clear: they do have that right (in most cases).

I also believe that actions (including speaking certain words) have consequences. And that is also a very right thing.

Consequences are how we (well, some of us) learn to get along in the world.

And while I am a lover of words and communication through speaking, today I’d like to celebrate another kind of communication involving the mouth.

The kind that needs no words.

The kind that includes hot breaths over flesh, kissing and licking and nibbling and biting and yes, oral sex.

A communication that says, “I care about your pleasure, I delight in your body, I can’t get enough of you,” and a host of other things.

I absolutely adore receiving. Feeling someone tell me how much they crave pleasing me, how much my pleasure and satisfaction means to them, that they follow my body’s cues and take me higher and higher…

And I love giving. I love showing someone what I can do to and with their body. To claim that pleasure as mine to give as I choose. To tell them that they matter to me, and that I want them

What about you? How do you communicate without words, using your mouth?

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