Who gets to speak for kink?

Who gets to speak for kink?

I do! I do!

I mean, I don’t speak for ALL kinksters. And I would not pretend to.

In fact, that’s a challenge, is that no one CAN speak for all.

But in kink, we are supposed to be better than other communities, more accepting. And maybe that’s true.

But we still have our challenges.

It’s STILL easier for the louder voices together heard, and loudness is not always a result of quality. Sometimes it’s a result of the privileges afforded to different classes.

For example, I’m more often heard when I’m taking on a traditional “women complain about men in kink.” But that’s also when I get the biggest backlash.

And I don’t really mind that.

I’ve built up a tough mental skin over the years, from when I was posting once or twice a month, and five people would argue with me.

But not everyone has that platform, or that resilience, and many don’t get to speak. Or they get to speak, but they don’t get heard.

And I say that’s crappy.

And that’s why my goal in 2020 (and now 2021) is to lift other voices.

And I’m doing that in three ways.

We LOVE signal boosting. More information here: https://datingkinky.com/signal-boost/

We are looking for writings promoting inclusion in kink BY those who voices aren’t as heard, with suggestions for kink spaces, leaders and events on how to be more inclusive, and we’ll be sharing those as well.

Reach out to us at connections@datingkinky.com with ideas about what YOU want to say (or someone whose voice you’d like to see lifted), and let’s collaborate and see what we can do.


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