Happy Date Your Mate(s) Month!

Happy Date Your Mate(s) Month!

It’s actually “Date Your Mate” month, which is exclusionary to the nonmonogamous, so I changed it.

If you have one mate, great!

If you have many, great!

Date them!


I got a head start on Date Your Mate Month Eve last night. Walked to a local eatery downtown, met my partner and a couple of friends, socialized, then we walked home and cuddled up and watched Pretty Woman together.

(His idea.)

As far dates go, it wasn’t very elaborate.

It was, however, perfect for the evening.

And it was time set aside for us. To be together, to enjoy our bond, to touch and tease and laugh, and yes, cry (I’m a sucker for sappy movies, and so is he).

I love the idea of an entire month set aside to remind us to make that time with people we love and care about to be intentional and present with them.


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One Comment on “Happy Date Your Mate(s) Month!

NJ Cole
May 2, 2021 at 2:34 pm

This is such a great idea. I spent last night with my hubs, a play partner, and a friend. It was nice to see people again. 🙂


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