KinkIn15: Tingle

KinkIn15: Tingle

The word of the week is “tingle”. To participate, create a 15-word story with tingle, tingles, tingled, or tingling. I can’t wait to see your creativity! smiles

I feel a soft tingle on my neck.
Perhaps your breath as you brushed by?

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One Comment on “KinkIn15: Tingle

April 16, 2021 at 4:59 am

Weaving her silken web, every word sending tingles to the back of my mind. Ensnared.

Her kiss; a ghost on my lips. Leaving tingles of desire. Her tongue; electrifying.

Smirking, teasing. Fingers oh-so-gently circling my thighs. I quiver and tingle with desperation.

Her seductive soft breath over my clit creates tingling ripples of neediness throughout my body.

A single flick of her tongue electrifies. An arrow; pinning me in place. I’m hers.

One word. Hits the deepest part of me
and is my undoing.

(So the last two didn’t include the “tingles.” But erm. I just idk. I sort of got inspired and it came together as this narrative. And I wanted a conclusion but also didn’t want to force the word in there)

Thank you for this, I’d forgotten how much I like writing 🙂



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