Help Wanted: LGBTQ+ Host/Presenter

Help Wanted: LGBTQ+ Host/Presenter

As you might be aware, here at Dating Kinky we are making it a major emphasis on building community and providing worthwhile sex & kink education.

We are thrilled to have hosted over 250 classes over the last 18 months, with many more to come.

And with that in mind, today’s message is about one of our existing monthly shows, the LGBTQ+ Salon. This show is designed to be a place to discuss topics across the orientation spectrum.

We are in search of a new host/presenter. We would love to find someone who would be willing to be an ongoing host presenter, but even if your idea(s) is more of the one-off or mini-series variety, we also encourage you to reach out.

If you are interested, please fill out this form (link). You are also welcome to PM me if you have any questions. We also welcome any suggestions for other potential candidates, whether you would like to forward a name directly to us, or pass along this opportunity to them yourself.

The LGBTQ+ Salon has to this point been occurring on the fourth Thursday of every month at 8pm ET, but we are willing to consider changing the time slot for the right collaboration opportunity.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to hear from you!

Connect with us here:

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