Let’s Debate: Which Gender Has The Power?

Let’s Debate: Which Gender Has The Power?

I have an opinion. If you’re read my writings for a while, you already know this.

However, I’m open to other points of view, and I’m curious about the reasoning of those who believe differently than I do.

I had a conversation with a dominant here on FetLife recently, and he said (as part of that conversation before he blocked me):

You might not like it, but women have the power on FetLife.

This is one view.

Another is that men have all the power.

Another is that the power is shared equally.

So, who has the power?

Do you have an opinion you’re willing share? Examples?

I find this POV fascinating, and I have a writing about this I’d like to post from a specific perspective, but I’d really rather explore the topic more thoroughly before I do, in case I’m missing some important points.

What do you think?

  • In what areas (if any) do women have more power on sites like Fetlife?
  • In what areas (if any) do men have more power on sites like Fetlife?
  • What are the points (if any) for men and women having equal power?
  • MUST there be a gender war in this sort of thing?

And another topic rarely discussed:

  • In what areas are other genders privileged or not?


  • How can any of these things be addressed?

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