Whatever you’re going through…

Whatever you’re going through…

Keep going.

This isn’t going to last.

But you will.

And I’m cheering you on.

And I’m letting you know you’re NOT alone.

A lot of people are going through some not-so-good times right now. More, it seems, than usual. And that’s OK.

No one is perfect.

No one makes it through life without some rough patches.

And no one makes it through love/kink/nonmonogamy without some slip-ups.

But you’ve got this.

It may take time. It may be difficult. You may screw up more before you get “there.”

Or, your “there” might be just around the next corner.

Keep going.

What are you going through?

Are you willing to share? Please do! And please include what you’re open to receive in response:

  • Advice
  • Cheer
  • Understanding

Not willing to share, but willing to offer to a boost others? Check out the comments, and give people what they need.

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