Of Course I Trust Him!

Of Course I Trust Him!

At the core of trust is "us." And the core of us is trust.

I run a Facebook group, Women In Charge, and we have some pretty amazing conversations there.

In one of those conversations quite some time ago, we discussed using a cock cage to restrict a man’s ability to touch himself, pleasure himself, or bring himself to orgasm.

I said that while cages can be fun as a novelty, for me they are not for daily use. I prefer to inspire the feelings that make him want to save his orgasms for me.

Quite a few people were shocked, and said I must really trust him to allow that freedom.

I replied:

“Of course I trust him. Otherwise I would not own him.”

“You mean you wouldn’t take on a submissive that you don’t trust?”


“How do you know you can trust him?”

“I simply trust him, and he shows me I’m right.”

I don’t believe that trust is earned. To me, that comes from a mindset that trust exists as millions of pieces that all add up. It does not for me.

I trust. He is worthy of trust. That’s it. Anything less is unacceptable.

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