Failure is Success…

Failure is Success…

“ACK! Failure! No, no, no, no! HARD LIMIT!”⁣

That was me.⁣

I was a gifted child. If you were one, you know what I mean. Everything was easy. Failure just DIDN’T happen.⁣

Until it did.⁣

And then, for me anyway, it was devastating.⁣

How can this be? I’m not perfectly good at everything the first time?⁣

And so fear of failure set in.⁣

Now, you don’t have to be a formerly gifted child to understand fear of failure. At all.⁣

MOST people experience it in their lives.⁣

For some, it’s crippling.⁣

For others, maybe not so much, or only really affects one area of their lives.⁣

Like dating and love.⁣

Because that failure, for some reason, seems to strike to the heart of who we are in ways that other failures often don’t.⁣

After all, it HURTS.⁣

But the thing is, we HAVE to fail to learn. Because when we get things right automatically, we often don’t know WHY. And we don’t learn anything.⁣

I’ve written about getting rejected more often, which is a type of failure, and why you should do it.⁣

And our PLUS Members have access to an amazing presentation by JustRob from Jacksonville, FL on the topic of “Failure Isn’t an Option, It’s a Requirement.”⁣

I agree. I seek out ways to fail more creatively (and sometimes I fail at failing, and that’s awesome, too!), because I believe there is something to learn from every failure, even if it’s only “Don’t do THAT again.”⁣


What are YOUR thoughts on failure?⁣

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