Learn To Love Anal: Finger Pleasuring To The Rectum, Lesson 2.

Learn To Love Anal: Finger Pleasuring To The Rectum, Lesson 2.


The steps are simple:

  • Lube a single finger. Keep it lubed, to avoid drag.
  • Tease and stroke softly around the outside of the anus, along the external sphincter.
  • As the sphincter relaxes, allow a fingertip to gently get sucked in.
  • Don’t rush. Let it slide in naturally. A tiny bit at a time as the asshole relaxes.
  • If the sphincter tightens, let your finger slide easily back out. There is no need to rush or force anything.
  • Repeat with the finger inside the body, stroking and teasing the inner sphincter, until you slide into the inner sphincter.
  • Slide the finger around the edge of the inner sphincter just like you did the outer, awakening the nerve endings there.
  • Keep sliding the finger in until you reach the prostate, rubbing gently.
  • Touch the inner sphincter to explore pleasure. Around and around, stroking side to side, pressing gently. Experiment with different touches.
  • Enjoy!
  • Let the finger slowly slide out, still teasing and sliding as it goes.
  • Stroke the outside of the anus in farewell.
  • Take a moment to breathe deeply and remain relaxed as the pleasure fades away.

Let’s Discuss!

Now that you’ve got one lesson under your belt (so to speak, LOL!), how are you feeling about taking this slow, and learning to develop and experience pleasure with anal play?

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