I want to make you blush and squirm for me.

I want to make you blush and squirm for me.

It’s powerful.

That experience.

Someone riding the edge of their comfort zone. Feeling it keenly. Fighting with themselves so strongly that they can’t stay still.

That their desire wars on their face with something else. Fear, decorum, humiliation.


And that it’s all for me.

With me.

That trust is deeply gratifying. It feeds me.

And like food, it’s eventually digested and gone, so I look for ways to make that happen again. To sup off your emotions.

And what makes it even more delicious to me is that you want it and need it, as much as I do. More, maybe.

You need to desire someone beyond reason. Beyond your perfectly sensible comfort zone. You crave that feeling of being out of your own control.


I can’t wait to make you blush and squirm for me.

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