Learn To Love Anal: Finger Pleasuring To The Rectum, Lesson 2.

Learn To Love Anal: Finger Pleasuring To The Rectum, Lesson 2.

Instructional Transcript—Single

Welcome to the Single Instructional experience for Learn To Love Anal: Finger Pleasuring To The Rectum, Lesson 2.

This instructional experience was created for those without prostates training themselves in anal pleasure on their own, and is intended to teach you how to touch yourself.

Let’s get started!

Get your finger very, very wet with lube. Keep it very wet and slippery. Add lube at any time throughout this instructional, pausing the audio, if you feel the need.

Slide it along the outside of your anus, gently touching. Just sliding it back and forth.




Feel that light brush of your fingertip against those ever-so-sensitive nerve endings.

Feel it sliding back and forth, tickling that sweet rosebud of yours while you relax and feel the pleasure and your need.

Feel that pleasure build.

Feel how comfortable you are, now, with your sweet asshole being touched.

Your excitement is growing. You know what’s coming. You want it.

Give in to the feelings. Relax into your touch. Feel your body move with your touch. Feel how much you want this with your body movements.

Relax with your touch.

Squirm on that finger, feeling how your body movements and angles can change the sensations you receive.

Your anus is warming up now. Relaxing. Opening to your finger.

It’s so easy.

You want more pressure.

You’ve wanted more pressure since your first experience, haven’t you? I know you have.

Today, you get it.

Focus right now. Focus on your finger toying with your ass.

Focus on that light touch.

Move your hips around. Lose yourself to the pleasure.

And push.

Push down on that finger. Invite it into yourself. Take it as far as you’ve had it before, to the inner gates, the second sphincter.

Feel the pleasure of that finger stretching out that sweet anus of yours.

That now-familiar pleasure. Rushing over you.

Spreading from your sweet asshole outwards. Feel it growing. Feel it spreading.

Spreading outward through your abdomen.

Out through your tailbone.

Over to your genitals.

A warmth. Like golden honey. A sparkly, golden, light feeling that covers you.

All from your single finger touching you.

And now, you want more, and you’re taking more.

Relax even further, opening yourself up. Pushing your sweet ass down on your finger tip.

Your finger is sliding in and out of you by the tiniest bits right now. You’re controlling the movement, moving your hips on your finger. Opening yourself up to pleasure.

That’s what you need. To be an active participant in your pleasure. Find your pleasure as you explore your ass one small step at a time.

Pleasure is washing over you, from your belly into your chest.

Taking the familiar path up your backbone, to your shoulders, and spreading out, connecting your entire body to pleasure.

As your finger gently fucks your sweet asshole.

Back and forth.

In and out.

Every time you play like this, you feel more powerful. More self-aware. Happier and more comfortable with who you are.

You’re accepting this pleasure and need as part of yourself. An amazing, wonderful, sexual and desirable part of you.

Golden pleasure flows through you.

You feel it fill you in waves now, and you just relax.

Just like you’ve relaxed for the pleasure before, you relax even more.

Feeling the pleasure filling you fully.

Tingling at your nipples

Filling your heart with happiness and comfort.

Up your spine.

Into your mind, where you feel all the warmth and desire that comes from pleasuring yourself.

Yes. Relax even more as you touch yourself. Relax.

You know that so far, this journey has brought you nothing but pleasure. This next step will simply be a continuation of that pleasure.

You deserve this pleasure. All of it.

Relax and feel all of this pleasure. Ready yourself for the next step, a new pleasure.

You deserve this bliss. This joy.

You deserve to feel this fill you. Spreading out from your sweet, needy little ass. That soft brown button of yours.



As you wiggle, press your finger deeper and more insistently against your inner sphincter.

Those inner gates, barring a deeper penetration.

Relax even more.

Open yourself to greater pleasure. Give in to your need.

Open yourself up to the feelings.

Visualize those inner gates opening. Melting around your finger like warm wax.

As your finger tip presses against that softening barrier. Feel yourself opening.

Every step you take is another layer of anal pleasure. Additional pleasure for you.

Press your finger tip through your inner sphincter by the tiniest amount.

Feel new pleasures as it touches new nerve endings in another, even more vulnerable place.

Feel your brain filled with warm, sweet, golden pleasure. Heat suffuses you.

Your body is full of joy and happiness and acceptance. Desire. Need.

You’re learning what it means to truly open yourself to pleasure.

To offer yourself. To be fully present and content as you experience the pleasure of anal penetration.

Because you deserve it.

Because you need it.

Because you crave it.

You deserve to feel such deeply satisfying pleasure. You deserve to feel this warmth.

You deserve to feel filled up. To have your inner barriers breached with care and compassion and tenderness.

You deserve to awaken every last inch of your body to the kinds of pleasure you deserve to feel.

The kinds of pleasure you can feel.

The kinds of pleasure you are learning to experience for perhaps the first time. Or maybe you’re learning to experience them in new ways.

For yourself. Because you deserve this.

Open yourself consciously by relaxing even further.


Very good.

Slide in deeper, past your inner gates now.

How intimate this is.

The added layers of pleasure. Yet another set of sensitive nerves added to the sensations you’re feeling.

Building up.

Still slow.

Still sweet.

Still so much pleasure.

But growing. Building on itself. Getting more sensitive as time goes on, your finger still filling you. Teasing you. Pampering you.

Slip gently in and out of those inner gates, around and around, touching every spot of that sensitive muscle. Feel your body responding to your touch, opening up.

Relax even more. Just melt into the pleasure of feeling like this. Of feeling your ass wrapped around your finger.

Concentrate on the amazing sensations you’re feeling right now. Experiencing.

Slip your finger around inside yourself. Explore and touch new parts of your body, curling just past the inner gates, and curling around them, touching them from the other side as well.



Sliding in and out.

Feeling filled.

You crave more.

Slowly, now, pay attention to your body. Have you relaxed enough that you’ve stopped moving? If you have, slowly start rocking your body on your finger again.

Feel that pleasure layering on top of the sweet sensations you’re already experiencing.

Roll your hips. Feel how the pressure of your finger feels differently at different angles.

Slide your finger in and out through your opened gates.

Feel the rest of your hand pressing up against your body as you go in the tiniest bit deeper as you wiggle around.

Sliding in, then out. Slipping around the inner gates, then diving back in, deeply.

Curl your finger towards your belly.

Move around on your finger.

Rock your hips back and forth by just a quarter inch, waking up each nerve ending to pleasure.



You’re beginning to really discover the amazing pleasure that slowly and carefully exploring can bring.

Your body is moving, taking your pleasure from your ass play. Your hips are rocking against your hand, pressing your finger into your prostate.


You’re filled with your finger, caressing in one of your deepest, most intimate spots.

Concentrate on that fullness. Concentrate on the pleasure.


You feel only warm pleasure and deep relaxation.

Layers and layers of amazing pleasure.




All from just one finger. Reaching deeply. Intimately. Into your body.

All of this amazing pleasure and warmth.

And you want more.

Not yet.

This is all about relaxation.

And pleasure.

And joy.

No expectations to cum.

No need to get off.

Just feel it. Relax into it. Enjoy it.

That’s good.

Wiggle a bit more with pleasure.

Find your pleasure, and writhe around a bit. Explore your finger with your body as you explore your body with your finger.

Think of how this pleasure feels. Create the memory of this sweet warmth and need.

It’s time to slow down. To slip out of your anus slowly. Carefully.

Pet your asshole softly for a few moments as you leave.

Feel your finger getting lighter and lighter as you stroke the outside of your anus in farewell.

Come slowly out of your pleasure state, still feeling relaxed and stress-free.

Feel a warm energy suffusing your body.

Let your finger finally slow down and drop away.

Breathe in deeply, taking a moment to savor the time you’ve just spent focusing on anal pleasure.

Let’s Discuss!

Getting past your inner sphincter: How does it feel? Did you have any challenges reaching that far?

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