Pittsburgh, PA! I’m teaching at Pittsburgh Bridge Spring Fever 2019!

Pittsburgh, PA! I’m teaching at Pittsburgh Bridge Spring Fever 2019!


Sooooo geeked. Saturday, June 1st, I’ll be rolling into Pittsburgh to teach my Cuckolding for Couples class, spend the evening with a bunch of kinky fuckers, and have a whalloping good time!

FetLife Event: Pittsburgh Bridge Spring Fever 2019

Who’s gonna join me?

I’m already totally thrilled to see @MissusHyde, @Pepper_Pots@DangerousProfessor, and @The_TK.

Who else will make my list on this trip!

Soooooo looking forward.

Also, @selene73 and I will be staying Sunday evening (possibly Monday), so would love to grab a bit with some kinksters at some point, and just connect. I think MissusHyde mentioned sushi, but I’m open to good food and a fabulous gathering.

Send ideas my way!


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