Follow Friday & Shout Out List, July 9

Follow Friday & Shout Out List, July 9

Welcome to our third Follow Friday and Shout Out List! This will be a weekly recurring post to introduce you to some amazing kinky and sex-positive folk online for you to perv, follow, support—whatever.

Let’s get to it!

One of the most amazing women I know, and a treasured past guest on Dating Kinky, Jane E Boon, is a finalist for the Pauline Réage novel award!


So thrilled for you, Jane!

It’s a week for authors!

NJ Cole, our author-in-virtual-residence (LOL!), host of our Kinky Book Club and Flipping the Switch has a new book out:

Diablo’s Dolls: Liam & Chloe, by NJ Cole and Fossbrook.

Trending supermodel Chloe Matthews is the top model at London’s top modeling agency. She has an amazing boyfriend, a beautiful home and wealth, everything any woman would want, or so it seems.

Chloe wants more out of life though. Wanting to be known for more than a pretty face she attends classes at University to earn a business degree.

Liam Diablo, born into old money, wants to show his father and others that he can make it on his own. When he partners with the famous Chloe Matthews on a project for a marketing class neither of them has a clue just how far their assignment will take them.

Building on a friendship they form a business partnership. Working so closely together, sparks fly and romance only adds to the strength of their business.

Not everyone wants them to succeed though. They quickly learn that business is far more cut throat than either of them anticipated and that some people would do anything to keep what was theirs and stop the two from succeeding in business and in love.

I wanted to give another shout-out to Tsuruhime with an article pointing out that we often forget men in our body positivity.

She says, “I’ve seen them called evil, I’ve seen them called closet rapists, I’ve seen them called horrible things that wouldn’t be allowed if we were discussing any other demographic. That matters. Those lazy arguments and hasty generalizations matter.

There is toxic masculinity, of course, but it doesn’t look like a man getting the door for a woman or working on his car. It looks like men being told (often by other men) that they shouldn’t cry or show emotions. It comes from women reinforcing this notion that we women are the ones who can’t control our emotions and that a sensitive man is effeminate, weak, gay (in a pejorative sense), or somehow defective. It’s almost like people who can’t express their innermost feelings without being ridiculed are more likely to kill themselves. Huh. What a fucking concept.”

Do you want to be signal boosted? Just send in a request? We like to mix it up between boosting amazing people we know and have worked with and new people!

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