You are too DUCKING awesome…

You are too DUCKING awesome…

Which you either know or you don’t.

And don’t say, “I know,” and then keep giving yourself away. That’s a fib. You SAY you know, but you don’t believe, or you’d do something about it.

But let’s say you don’t know.

What then?

Well, there’s a trick we use in hypnosis to get around a mental block. It’s imagining that you know.

You are giving yourself away (perhaps over and over) to people who don’t give as much (more!) back to you.

And you haven’t figured out how to stop, yet.

So, what’s the next step?

Imagining that you know that you are worth more than that, and thinking about what you would do if you were.

Then, do it.

You don’t HAVE to believe, 100%.

You really just have to know how you would act if you did believe.

Even that can be hard, sometimes. So, the next option is to imagine someone else—a friend, a loved one, a super hero, a character from a book—and imagine what THEY would do in the same situation.

And then, apply that to you.

(Minus the laser eyes or fist-swinging.)\

Almost two years ago, I wrote, Don’t “Do The Things,” Be The Person Who Does The Things.

The focus was on not just acting in good ways, but internalizing the good thinking that leads to acting in those ways.

Two days later, I followed up with, “Do The Things” Until You Can Be The Person Who Does The Things, which was about if you’re not yet the person who does the things instinctually, then just do the things, and get used to the feelings.

A fake-it-until-you-make-it approach.

That is a valid step.

So, you may know you are too ducking awesome. Great! I’m proud of you.

Or you don’t.

But you could be.

If you want to.

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