A monthly discussion where we talk to writers about the craft or erotica, prose, how-tos, poetry, and more.  Every FIRST Monday.

In this episode, our host @NJCole-MidAngel1, will be speaking with fellow author Lee Harrington. The featured book in the discussion was be Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities

Kinky Book Club airs Every FIRST Monday. The next episode will be broadcast on November 2nd at 8PM EST.

Lee Harrington (@PassionAndSoul) is an eclectic artist, spiritual and erotic educator, gender adventurer, spirit worker and published author/editor on human sexuality and spiritual experience

Well known for a fun and informative approach to education, Lee has been an active part of the international kink and sex positive communities for over 20 years, and am a big fan of telling stories that make people laugh while showing you that eroticism can be as serious, sexy, or silly as you make it. Lee’s writings and photography have appeared in numerous anthologies.


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