Don’t forget the journey it takes to get to the mountaintop.

Don’t forget the journey it takes to get to the mountaintop.

It’s so, SO easy to see the beautiful photos of kinky rope scenes and happy nonmonogamous relationships, and power exchange couples and forget (or never realize) all it took to get that single shot posted to social media.

Yes, the visual, the headline, the end goal is inspiring, but it’s the journey uphill that teaches you the lessons you NEED to know, not only to get there, but to stay there, and to even climb higher, the the next peak, and the next and the next after that.

And I’ll tell you, sometimes, it’s really just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and gritting your teeth to get through it.

And sometimes, you’ll be going downhill again, when you thought you were almost to the top.

I’ve got an amazing, happy life full of dominance, blissful orgasms, and people I adore.

I’ve also:

•Been emotionally abused by someone I love.

•Been called a slut for wanting sex with my husband.

•Been divorced.

•Been homeless.

I’ve looked up at that mountain from the valley so, so far below and felt despair.

But I put one foot in front of the other, starting 15 years ago.

And I’m on top, now.

And I’m encouraging you to join me. Because I know you can. You’ve taken just such a step recently, I bet. Even if it was a small one. One step towards what you want.

Share that step with us in the comments. And describe the part of your journey that most people wouldn’t realize that was part of your journey to get there.

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