Distinction of Deviation: a Virtual Protest for the People against Systemic Racial Injustice

Jun 4, 2020 | 0 comments

Bonus Episode: A Virtual Protest for the People against Systemic Racial Injustice
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The wrongful murder of George Floyd and the protests and additional violence that followed are at the forefront of just about everyone’s mind across the country (if not internationally), including the Dating Kinky Team.

While we have a monthly recurring Distinction of Deviation munch (that focuses on POC in kink and their allies), the next scheduled episode was weeks away and we all felt that we should provide a forum to hear from everyone who has something to say right NOW.

Please come for a discussion of systemic racial injustice, to learn how to be an ally in this time of crisis, and to work toward actions to help produce (long overdue) change.

We welcome your passion – we welcome your thoughtfulness. We will respect your point of view, and we ask that if you attend (as we would if you attended any other event) that you will provide that same respect for others in attendance.

Distinction of Deviation is a monthly discussion and gathering place for kinky folk of color, and those who want to support kink for all in their spaces (online and off), communities and events.

This monthly webinar typically broadcasts every FOURTH Monday. The next regularly scheduled episode will air: June 22 at 8PM EST.

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