Forced Bitchyness – Or Total Bitchification™ and Control with TwooMastery™ – Part 5

Forced Bitchyness – Or Total Bitchification™ and Control with TwooMastery™ – Part 5

The words: Forced Bitchyness - Or Total Bitchification™ and Control with TwooMastery™

In which I fail to see the value in a stranger’s orgasmayzingness.

I have been a Dom for 20 years and do like to switch.
have you experienced true multiple orgasms, so many you lose count, start squirting and can actually pass out from them, if you want? This is like 75 orgasms in 30 minutes. I can give you these 3 different ways. Most guys or lesbians even, do not realize, this level of ecstacy exists for their lover. Some women have them naturally but very few, the rest can be taught. The easiest way for me anymore, is orally. There are certain spots I hit with my fingers and tongue, that will drive you bonkers. There is also a massage they use in the orient to teach a woman true multiples, that I have added a lot to, if the oral doesn’t work and actually I have made women pass out on the phone.

One of the secrets, when I was younger I would cum way to fast but now I can control when I cum and go all night long or long enough, until you reach that level.

I believe threesomes can be fun also, if you like that? Another set of hands, tongue and other body parts to reach all of the right spots, at the same time. Except for the passion of two heartmates, yet unfound. Plus the massage is easier done with 3.

I also think submission helps with this level of orgasms, its all about teasing and a lot of other things. So what are your boundaries and what do you like, any fetishes?

My name is Txxxx, 6′, broad shoulders, play guitar, was a chef at 17, haven’t stopped learning, snow skiing, scuba certified. I was just tested for stds and am clean. Retired air traffic controller and have the means to relocate, anywhere my heart so desires. I do not do legally married women.

Do you have xxxx messenger? Its easier to talk, trade pics and cam. My screen name is

Dude, too much too fast. I prefer to actually be treated as a human being than a fetish delivery system, even if your fetish is giving me multiple orgasms.

Best of luck to you in your search for two.

Whatever, is it ok for Oprah and Dr Phill to discuss these orgasms and not me? Even though they do not have a clue how to give them and if you cannot be open enough about your sexuality. You are just like most women. They will never reach true multiples because they refuse to be open about these matters. Every woman is different, in what she likes, some like that butt spanked, some dont and that is one of the secrets to true multiples, you revealing these and you expect us to know. No wonder there are so many divorces in this country, its wham bam thank you mam, he roles over asleep. Neither one realizing how good it could be if they would just share these

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