Newbies Night Monthly, Ep: 1, Part 1

Newbies Night Monthly, Ep: 1, Part 1

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Listen to the webinar! MP3

Links from the show:
POCs of Kink Webinar
FAD — Female Artists of Domination
International Kinky Women’s Day
So, What is Kinky, Anyway? (Barnes & Noble Link)


Sing to the tune of Ladies Night by Kool & The Gang…

Mmm, oh yeah
Oh, what a night

Oh, yes, it’s Newbies’ Night
And the feeling’s right
Oh, yes, it’s Newbies’ Night
Oh, what a night (oh, what a night)

Oh, yes, it’s Newbies’ Night
We’re all kinksters, right
Oh, yes, it’s Newbies’ Night
Oh, what a night (huh)

LOL! Our monthly webinar focused on what you need to know when you’re new to kink.

We’ll cover some basic terminology, common courtesies and protocols, and what to keep an eye out for to be safe.

The format is 15-20 minutes of covering some basics, then on to the Q&A session, where we take questions from YOU!

Every THIRD Monday.

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