Nonmonogamunch, Ep1: Words, Words, Words

Nonmonogamunch, Ep1: Words, Words, Words

Nonmonogamunch, Ep 1: Words, Words, Words—Play Video

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Nonmonogamunch, Ep 1: Words, Words, Words—Play Video


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Chat Transcript: ZIP
Presentation Deck: PPT

Links from the show:

Miss_Trussed’s Fetlife page
Types of Non-Monogomy (graph from the show)
Relationship Anarchy Manifesto, by Andie Nordgren, 2006


In April, we premiered a brand new monthly webinar series, the Nonmonogamunch.

In this debut episode, we covered several topics, including:

  1. The importance of listening
  2. Understanding of time and place (e.g., just because you are interacting with someone kinky does not provide a hall pass to, without context, dump all of your kink thoughts onto them)
  3. Learning consent (see above example, but also related to respecting personal space and asking questions before making presumptions)

Every THIRD Wednesday. Next episode: May 20 at 8PM EST.

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