Part of my dominance is reshaping your view of the world.

Part of my dominance is reshaping your view of the world.

Consensually. Actually, collaboratively is a better word.

Because I work with my partners to recreate themselves as who they most want to be.

And that usually requires that they learn to see the world differently.

Perhaps it’s more possibilities, or different angles. Maybe it’s reframing some of the hurts they’ve experienced, or shoring up a few defenses. It almost always includes discussing and working on boundaries (even from me—sometimes especially so).

And every single time, it’s required breaking through walls built up from past relationships and experiences that are blocking them from being our that way again, but that are also blocking them from really living their best lives.

And to be clear, I don’t pretend to be a psychologist or a therapist. And I also benefit, and discover parts of myself then need attention and possible reshaping when I work with people.

To me, there is nothing more powerful, not honor greater, than being given this trust.

To help people grow.

It’s a core part of my dominance.

And one I always handle with the utmost care.

For those of you in or seeking D/s relationships, is this part of what you experience or hope for? Or no?

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