Do you put yourself first?

Do you put yourself first?

Maybe it feels a little out-of-character (or a lot out of character) to put yourself first.

Especially if you grew up trying to anticipate everyone else’s needs or wants, act a certain way, wear this, don’t say this, on and on. Maybe because you’re a pleaser. Maybe you were socialized to believe that your worth is directly tied to how much you can give people. Maybe because of trauma.

Whatever the reason, for some people, this is hard.

As hard as anything they’ve ever done.

As hard as eating that last wing in Hot Ones…

A lot of us spent too much time with the idea that we have to make everyone else happy — and put ourselves aside.

Good news! That is 100% false. Learning how to shift that mindset can be one of the hardest yet most valuable things you can do to change your life.

Here are some things you might when you start putting yourself first:

✅ It might be REALLY uncomfortable at first (because it goes against everything you are used to). And frankly, sometimes it will make others around you uncomfortable, even angry and resentful.

✅ Not everyone is in your life forever, and that’s not a bad thing. Some are just passing through. Some are looking for how they can make use of you. When you’re not putting yourself first, it’s really easy for people to take advantage of you.

Those are the hardest parts. Here’s some of the good stuff:

✅ Once you get used to it, you’ll feel less stressed and anxious.

✅ You’ll be more comfortable in your own skin, and feel more like YOU.

✅ It’s be easier to create healthy boundaries and STICK WITH THEM.

✅ You’ll do more of what you want to do, and less what you feel obliged to do.

✅ You’ll no longer feel bad when other people get upset that you put yourself first. Because you’ll realize that that’s all about them, and not about what’s best for you.

So, here’s to making yourself a priority moving forward. 🥇

What are your thoughts?

Have you tried putting yourself first? What did you experience? Did it take time to find your balance? Did you lose any friends or loved ones? Was it worth it?

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