Make a (Hu)Man Trustworthy

Make a (Hu)Man Trustworthy

It’s true. Think about it. If you never give someone your trust, they can never live up to it.

“The only way to make a human trustworthy is to TRUST them.” (There, I fixed it!)

And of course, the downside is that if you do give them your trust and they aren’t worth it, you lose.

It’s a catch-22.

And one many people just refuse to engage with.

They lock themselves away, distrusting all, and constantly being on alert for BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN.

And I understand that.

Sometimes we just don’t have it in us to try again.

But if we do, studies show that people who trust others are happier, even when they are hurt.

Which is pretty significant. And worth paying attention to. Worth a try, even.

I’ve written more about trusting more here:

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