Just a little bit…

Just a little bit…

I posted this image years ago on social media. Not even sure where. And someone responded, and said, “Just a little bit of naughty?”

Which made me pause.

Partially because three reply seemed so judgy. I mean, who are you to care what I want from my life and relationships?

But, it also made me think, what is “a little bit” of naughty?

To me, it’s exactly how much naughty, or kinky, I do.

Which is a few times a week, maybe 4-5 hours, total. Some weeks it’s more, and I’ll do 4-5 hours in one scene.

Some weeks it’s less, but rarely.

And that includes the teasing throughout the day, tantalizing images sent to start the anticipation. Reaching out to touch what’s mine. Putting him in a cage, or giving him five minutes of pleasure without cumin, just because I can…

I mean, I like my kinky life every day.

So, five hours out of 168 is about 3% of my time.

If I take into account the six hours on average that I sleep each night, five horses about 4% of my time.

I’m sure I could do A LOT more.

I could be writing this in black latex and leather, and maybe found these work hours as naughty, but I don’t and I won’t—even if my job is working for a kinky dating site.

Because I believe that a well-lived life, at least for me, is a balance of work, play, friendship, love, and kink.

And most of the people I know in kink believe the same.

Kink is important.

Critical, to me. I’m not open to a vanilla relationship ever again.

And yet, it’s still only one facet of my life. About a 5-10% (if I’m generous and count the education I do as kinky and the weekend I travel for kink events) of my life.

No need to fit more in when I already have other parts of my life that I love, like reading, cooking, hiking…

My “whole lotta happy,” if you will.

Which is what Dating Kinky is all about.

It’s about connecting you through multiple interests and helping you meet people who share your kinks and hopefully, will also fit with your vanilla life parts as well.

Which is why we aren’t constantly going on about how sexy and kinky everything is, but instead focus in on how to connect with others, in kink and out.

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