Cute? Or Creepy?

Cute? Or Creepy?

Long ago, 7 or 8 years now, I put out my first app. It was called NookieNotes, and it was fun and sexy eCards to send to your partners to keep romance and the spark alive.

This graphic was one of the ones I created way back then.

Sadly, I chose the wrong business partners for that venture, and I got taken. But that’s another story.

I made this card, because it’s something I said to a lover, and it made him laugh. We were in an intimate situation (afterglow), and I thought I would share that feeling with others.

Today, as I sit to write about this, though, I think about that app and the ability to send eCards to people then, people you may not yet know or know well, and how something as silly and well-intentioned as this idea could cause frustration and annoyance by being sent by someone who is NOT an intimate, and when this is unwanted.

Because something like this coming from someone who has had both intimate and silly moments with me would be welcomed.

Sent by someone who is at another stage in our connection or relationship, it could seem a bit awkward or even creepy.

And that’s just me.

Some people would NEVER love to receive this, as it could make them feel like they are being reduced to their sexual bits and bobs, rather than seen and loved as a whole person.

Some people don’t like silly.

So, I guess in all this, it’s really mostly about knowing your audience, and considering their personalities before speaking (or sharing a graphic).

What about you? Is there someone in your life you’d feel 100% comfortable sharing this with? Or that you’d feel 100% comfortable receiving this from?

Or perhaps you’d never want to get something like this, ever, no matter the relationship?

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