Women’s Self-Empowerment Week: First Full Week in January

Women’s Self-Empowerment Week: First Full Week in January

Did you even know that this is a thing?

I didn’t, but I love the idea of starting the year off right with a week focused in on women taking steps to make their next year a better year for themselves and other women.

I’m celebrating by reflecting on 2020, and my role as a woman (and how I see it) in my relationships, my work, my kink and more.

I work hard to lift a variety voices in the kink world, including women and minorities. My plan is to continue this through 2021, with all of the new work we’re doing and plans we’re making.

Although this week is dedicated to women self-empowering, I believe anyone could honor the week and participate by encouraging women to take some time to themselves for self-care and thought, and if possible, helping with the resources for just that.

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