The Best Date Ever

The Best Date Ever

This is just one version of an amazing date day for me. The one that includes plenty of awesome sex, connection time, and experiences shared.

Of course, there are so many things that I could include:

— Travel
— Cooking together
— Walking around town and talking
— Sitting outside over a picnic or drinks, connecting
— Hiking
— Going to a tasting
— Checking out a museum or art installation.
— Volunteering
— Spending time with friends
— Attending a kink event

There are so many possibilities!

And of course, the connection is the highest priority. Heck, with a good connection I could wash dishes together and be happy.

However, spending time together doing things out of the ordinary matters, too.

What do YOU love to do on a date? What about when you’re first getting to know someone versus when you’re already pretty well established?

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