I can’t promise that things will never be broken…

I can’t promise that things will never be broken…

No one can promise that nothing bad will happen, that they won’t ever hurt you (actually they WILL hurt you and you will hurt them, if you love each other), that they will always make you happy…

Because life is the sadistic shit-kicking dominant of us all, and, well, things happen.

I don’t expect that someone promise that they won’t leave or won’t yell at me or whatever.

I date humans, not automatons.

What I do expect—and more than expect, I ask for and work towards—is to be able to trust that they will communicate and work things through. Even when they feel shitty.

Even when it sucks.

Even when we just want to yell and be selfish and not play nice.

Or, at least soon after.

With a bit of rest and resetting of the brain.

I also expect (and offer myself) apologies when bad things happen, even when it wasn’t intentional or it doesn’t feel fair.

Sincere ones.

The fakes ones spoken simply to say words don’t matter at all, really.

But to just be there, through it, and stick with it…that matters to me. A lot.

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