Ethical and consensual applies to your hookups, too!

Ethical and consensual applies to your hookups, too!

It’s strange that I need to say this, but I feel like I do.

National Unicorn Day was last week.

This week (this morning in fact) I got a message that said:

Hello we’re a experienced couple looking for a unicorn with no drama if interested let us know

And their profile had ALLLLLL the red flags: the couple profile, the “nothing can come between us” line, “looking for someone who is a true unicorn who knows her role” line and so on.

Add to the fact that they (he?) were obviously scatter-shotting that message, because there is NOTHING on my profile to suggest I’m a unicorn, in fact, quite the opposite…


But I digress.

I see this often enough in poly/kinky/nomono interactions.

The primary/lifemate/couple/potential life-long gets all the communication, and the other party(ies) get…well, whatever.

Treat EVERY person with consent and consideration as you engage them, regardless of whether you’re planning on boinking them a few times, or building a life with them.

THAT is ethical.

THAT is consent.

And sure, they may not treat you that way in return.

People are shitty.

But we’re talking about YOU and your ethics right now, which is all that you can control. Not theirs.

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